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Brand Design - Prelude The word brand is a huge topic to describe and discuss and many related words are used as synonyms for it, such as brand, brand design, branding, logo, brand identity, corporate identity etc. I just try to write a little bit about it. Although it is difficult to sum it up in one line, still if spoken in one line, brand and brand design is an important aspect of the branding process, it is the visual side of your business.   Introduction In the general context, a brand identity is just a designed logo but in a graphic designer's context, Brand identity is an integrated set of design tools, templates, and guidelines, to support the clients in the growth of their product, goods, or service. It's various types of creative designs and use of color combination that identifies one product, goods, or service which makes it unique and stands it distinct from others. According to the designer community, the word "Brand" has no boundary. The defini